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The new Revolution® Max 975T engine is designed for maximum torque

NEW ISENBURG, April 12, 2022 - The next chapter in the HD® Sportster™ saga begins with the Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ - a milestone in performance and design, built on 65 years of tradition. This was achieved thanks to the preservation of the classic Sportster™ silhouette and the impressive performance of the new Revolution® Max 975T engine. As an “Instrument of Expression”, the Nightster™ not only offers the perfect introduction to the fascination of motorcycling, but also to the Harley-Davidson .

“The Nightster is an 'instrument of expression' – underpinned by great performance,” says Jochen Zeitz , Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson.

“Building on around 65 years of Sportster tradition, the Nightster is ideal for being creative and expressing your own personality. Whether for new or long-time motorcyclists, it is the ideal basis for customizing projects and pure expressiveness.” New Revolution® Max 975T V-Twin
The heart of the 2022 Nightster™ is the new Revolution® Max 975T engine. This is a liquid-cooled V-twin with a cylinder angle of 60 degrees, which is characterized by an extremely flat torque curve across the entire usable speed range. The cam profiles of the four camshafts as well as the variable control times on the intake side were designed to ensure optimal acceleration and plenty of power in the medium speed range. The length and shape of the intake pipes and the volume of the airbox were chosen to maximize the engine's performance at all speeds.

Technical data of the Revolution® Max 975T engine • Displacement 975 cc • Maximum power 90 HP (66 kW) at 7,500 rpm • Maximum torque 95 Nm at 5,000 rpm • Bore 97 mm, stroke 66 mm • Compression ratio 12:1
The Hydraulic valve clearance compensation minimizes the mechanical noise of the engine and reduces the motorcycle's service costs, two balancer shafts prevent uncomfortable engine vibrations and optimize the reliability of the drive train.

Powerful agility
The HD® Nightster™ combines the extremely powerful engine, particularly in the medium speed range, with a chassis that is both light and manageable - an ideal combination for driving in urban environments as well as for chasing curves on lonely country roads.

Thanks to the centrally placed footrest system and the flat handlebars, the rider enjoys a sporty but relaxed seating position. The unloaded seat height is only 70 cm - combined with the small width of the motorcycle, this allows most riders to stand with both soles of their feet on the ground when stopping at traffic lights. The Revolution® Max 975T engine serves as a supporting part of the Nightster™ chassis. This design reduces the motorcycle's weight and ensures a very stiff chassis. The rear frame is made of light metal and the two rear suspension struts with emulsion shock absorbers, external expansion tanks and adjustable spring preload are linked directly to the swingarm made of welded square tubes. At the front, a 41 mm SHOWA® telescopic fork with “Dual Bending Valve” damping ensures that the front wheel always remains in contact with the ground, thus optimizing the handling of the machine.

Rider Safety Enhancements
The Nightster™ features Harley-Davidson's Rider Safety Enhancement Systems [1] , a technology package that adapts the motorcycle's acceleration and deceleration forces to the available tire grip.
The systems used are controlled electronically and are based on the most modern chassis, braking and drive control technology: • The ABS anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking when braking and helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in the event of emergency braking while driving straight ahead. It regulates the front and rear brakes independently of each other.

• The TCS ("Traction Control System") prevents excessive slip on the rear wheel when accelerating and thus supports the driver when tire grip is limited, for example in the event of precipitation, suddenly changing road surfaces or on unpaved roads. The TCS can be deactivated in any driving mode when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is running.

• The drag torque control DSCS (“Drag-Torque Slip Control System”) adjusts the engine torque in coasting mode so that excessive slip on the rear wheel is prevented. Such a slip can occur especially if the driver downshifts too early on wet roads or abruptly lifts the accelerator.

Freely selectable driving modes
The Nightster™ offers the driver three freely selectable driving modes, each of which electronically regulates the driving dynamics of the motorcycle and specifies the intensity of the electronic interventions. Each riding mode influences the power delivery, engine braking, ABS and traction control of the motorcycle in different ways.

With a few exceptions, the driver can use the MODE switch on the right handlebar to change the driving mode both when stationary and while driving. Corresponding symbols in the machine display inform you which driving mode is activated.

mode is intended for everyday use of the machine and ensures homogeneous performance characteristics. It offers moderately aggressive power delivery, a balanced level of engine power in the medium speed range and moderate ABS and TCS intervention.

Sport mode utilizes the motorcycle's full potential in a direct and highly precise manner with full engine power, direct throttle response, strong engine braking and late intervention of ABS and TCS.

Rain mode is intended for driving on wet roads or when tire grip is otherwise limited.
It reduces acceleration by reducing engine power and gentle throttle response, reduces the effect of the engine brake and ensures relatively early intervention by ABS and TCS. What looks like the fuel tank on the Nightster™ is actually the sheet steel cover of the airbox - the 11.7 liter petrol tank, however, is made of plastic and is located under the seat. The filler neck can be reached by folding up the lockable seat.

Placing the tank below the seat not only creates space for the bike's correspondingly large airbox, but also lowers its overall center of gravity, making it easier to bring the motorcycle upright and maneuver when parked on the stand. The Nightster™ is equipped with a ten centimeter analog speedometer with an integrated multifunctional LCD display, which is attached to the handlebar risers. The entire lighting of the machine is provided by LED lamps with strong luminosity, which optimize the style of the machine and the safety of the rider by making the motorcycle more visible to other road users. The Daymaker® LED headlight ensures an even radiance on the road without irritating hotspots.

New interpretation of a classic design
The slim, low and powerfully designed Nightster™ is completely redesigned, but at the same time incorporates classic Sportster™ styling elements such as the exposed rear struts and the airbox cover, which follows the shape of the legendary Sportster™ “Walnut” Modeled after fuel tanks.

The round air cleaner cover, single seat, shortened fenders and lamp cover are also reminiscent of recent Sportster™ models, and the side cover that conceals the fuel tank under the seat has a similar shape to the Sportster™ oil tank.

The visual centerpiece of the machine is the Revolution® Max 975T engine with its structured powder coating in Metallic Charcoal with glossy black highlights, which is framed by curved exhaust manifolds.

A lid below the cooler covers the battery and thus deprives the cooler of its visual dominance.

The wheels are painted in Satin Black, the fenders and lamp trim in Vivid Black. The airbox cover is available on request in Vivid Black, Gunship Gray or Redline Red. The Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories now also includes a whole range of new accessories specifically for the Nightster™, with which the The ergonomics, comfort and appearance of the machine can be adapted to individual requirements.

From June 2022, the first units of the Nightster™ will arrive at authorized Harley-Davidson dealers and will be offered at recommended retail prices starting from EUR 14,995 in Germany, from CHF 15,700 in Switzerland and EUR 17,995 in Austria.

Harley-Davidson® stands for the timeless pursuit of freedom and adventure, for “Freedom for the Soul”. Visit for a wealth of information on the complete 2022 lineup of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, equipment, accessories and other products.

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  1. We don't like the new HD models at all, somehow they're no longer Harley-like. I drive a 2007 Wide Glide myself.

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