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Seelze: 54-year-old Harley driver seriously injured after accident

Hanover - Police reports: On Wednesday afternoon, May 11th, 2022, a motorcycle and a Skoda collided with each other on Garbsener Landstrasse in Seelze. As a result of the impact, the 54-year-old driver of the Harley-Davidson was thrown over the hood of the car and fell onto the street. Under emergency medical supervision, an ambulance took the seriously injured man to a rescue helicopter, which flew him to the hospital.

According to previous findings from the Seelze police commissioner, a 78-year-old was driving his Skoda on the Brüggefeld road in the direction of Garbsener Landstrasse. At the junction he wanted to turn left towards Seelze town center around 4:15 p.m. At the same time, a 54-year-old was approaching from the left on Garbsener Landstrasse with his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. At the Brüggefeld junction, the motorcycle crashed head-on into the front driver's side of the Skoda Citygo. The motorcyclist took off and fell a few meters onto the asphalt. At first he was only partially responsive.

Witnesses immediately alerted rescue workers and the police and provided first aid. The police closed Garbsener Landstrasse in both directions for almost three hours to carry out rescue work and investigate the accident. Accompanied by an emergency doctor, an ambulance drove the seriously injured man from Garbsen to the Seelze fire department, where a rescue helicopter had already landed. He flew the 54-year-old immediately to a hospital. Another ambulance also transported the slightly injured senior from Barsinghausen to the hospital.

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The police estimate the damage at around 40,000 euros. The police seized the vehicles involved in the accident for further investigation. The investigation into the accident is ongoing. /nzj

Hanover Police Department

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