Regional Clubs Palatinate Motorcycle Noise Sign
Regional Clubs Palatinate Motorcycle Noise Sign Source: ADAC Pfalz eV.
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ADAC – Together against motorcycle noise

“Quietly arrives” campaign in the Donnersberg district: signs appeal for consideration

In the municipality of Dannenfels, two large signs were erected on state road 386 near Bastenhaus with which the Donnersbergkreis is taking part in an ADAC “Quietly arrives” campaign, which aims to encourage motorcyclists to drive more considerately. The ADAC provides the motifs for the signs.

The initiative against motorcycle noise is supported and accompanied by a working group that deals with the problem of noise pollution locally, by the Donnersberg district, the Donnersberg traffic police, the state mobility agency and two state ministries. Everyone involved wants to create greater awareness of the problem among motorcyclists so that their hobby does not become a burden for others.

“Quiet arrives” – driving fun without noise

The ADAC developed the signs to make bikers aware of the need to be considerate of residents affected by noise: “Most bikers are considerate when driving and pay attention to low speeds when driving through town. But unfortunately not all of them,” explains Dr. Volker Kettenring, board member for traffic and technology at ADAC Pfalz, “that’s why with the “Quietly Arrives” to motorcyclists to show consideration for residents and other road users.”

Kettenring speaks out against collective punishments: “It is better to have targeted controls and punish violations, for example by the few bikers who cause noise
exhaust systems The signs at Bastenhaus are the first in the Palatinate. However, other communities have already expressed interest in the campaign.

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Together against noise - The initiative is supported by many organizations whose representatives were at the opening event on Donnersberg (from left to right): District Administrator Rainer Guth, district councilor Wolfgang Erfurt, Steffen Fitzer, head of the traffic and technology department at ADAC Pfalz, Matthias Schreiber, head of department Road traffic of the Donnersbergkreis district administration, Maik Braunsdorf, chairman of the Donnersberg district traffic watchdog, and Bernhard Knoop, head of the Worms State Mobility Office.

Quiet arrives – action against motorcycle noise

ADAC campaign against motorcycle noise 2022
The campaign against motorcycle noise is accompanied by various motifs, which can be displayed as posters in the communities. © shutterstock / Jag_cz

Text and image credits: Copyright ADAC

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