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For an extra portion of driving fun at the start of the motorcycle season: brand new tire models at MotorradreifenDirekt.de 

  • Numerous new models from well-known manufacturers: summer can come. 
  • For the new season, customers will benefit from an even larger selection for all segments.
  • New live chat function for individual advice in the MotorradreifenDirekt.de online shop.

Delticom AG/MotorradreifenDirekt.de, Hanover – March 5th, 2021. In keeping with the start of the new motorcycle season, MotorradreifenDirekt.de, the online shop for motorcycle tires and accessories from Europe's largest online tire retailer Delticom, has once again expanded its range to include numerous products. New tire models in many different dimensions are now available in the shop - from touring and enduro to super sport.

New additions to the range include the Battlax Sport Touring T32 and the Battlax Sport Touring T32 GT from Bridgestone . The premium tires for the Radial touring segment impress thanks to innovative mixing technology, excellent handling and improved safety thanks to a new profile with Pulse Groove technology, for more safety, especially on wet roads.

Brand new on the market this year for the Supersport Road segment is the Sport Force+ from Mitas in the EV and RS variants . The improved contour of the EV tire optimizes the contact surface with the road, which is intended to ensure more grip, even in maximum lean angles, especially when accelerating out of curves and during hard braking maneuvers. The RS variant, on the other hand, does without the EV's excellent wet grip and is therefore only suitable for the race track or in dry conditions. Also new is the Diablo Rosso IV from Pirelli , the super sports tire relies on optimal suitability for everyday use, comfort and technical details that have been adopted from racing. The carcass with rayon fibers - an artificial silk - is more stable than ordinary textile fibers. Due to increased dimensional stability when braking or accelerating hard, fewer fibers have to be used, which leaves more space for rubber on the carcass and therefore more room for driving comfort.

All models are new on the market and available in the MotorradreifenDirekt.de online shop. 

also focusing on pure driving fun with two new models, the Scorcher Adventure from the chopper/cruiser segment and the Road Classic – a touring sport diagonal.

Metzeler is also bringing a new tire onto the market this year – the Tourance Next 2 . With its impressive mileage, the new enduro tire is a good companion for adventure bikes whose riders demand top handling and the highest level of stability and comfort even in wet conditions.

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“When it comes to tires, almost every biker has their own preferences. That's why we always work to offer our customers the ideal portfolio for their individual needs and driving habits. The right equipment not only ensures greater safety on tours, but is also a prerequisite for an optimal driving experience. With the new tire models, bikers are well prepared for the upcoming season, which we are all really excited about,” says Andreas Faulstich from MotorradreifenDirekt.de .

It's worth a look - 2020 was also a year for top tires
When choosing new tires, bikers should also take a look at products from 2020. Because: Last year too, manufacturers brought remarkable highlights onto the market. The Bridgestone Battlax BT 46, the ContiSportAttack 4, the ContiRoad, the Dunlop Mutant, the Metzeler Sportec M9 RR, the Michelin Power 5 and the Michelin Commander III Cruiser and Touring were just a few.

Finding tires made easy: Thanks to the new live chat function on MotorradreifenDirekt.de
In keeping with the new season, there is also a new shop feature that makes it even easier for bikers to find the right tire. The new live chat function in the MotorradreifenDirekt.de online shop makes it possible to chat individually and, above all, personally with qualified employees and to clarify all open questions about the new tire quickly and easily.

Leave tire changing to the professionals: More service thanks to numerous workshop partners
And because not all bikers are also experienced mechanics, MotorradreifenDirekt.de offers another service benefit: “Customers who have found the right tire but prefer to leave the installation to the workshop professional “If you want to, you can have your order delivered directly to one of our workshop partners using the zip code search function,” explains Faulstich.

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