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The Brüder4Brothers album is now available!

What an incredible project, we have been working on this international project with Orange County Choppers and Frei.Wild . The video for the song Brotherhood has been online for 2 months and now comes the long-awaited Brüder4Brothers album Brotherhood , which contains a lot of spirit from crazy bikers and musicians.

You can read how the project came about here .

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Track number 8 on the BROTHERHOOD album is called Steel Horse and was written by me. The text has a story as a background that has been with me for many years and when it suddenly said we needed song lyrics, it was clear to me what my song would be about. First of all, Alex is one of the singers and an American. Together with me in the USA, he adapted the English part of the song into the translation.


But that's actually just latte. Because it's about what's in the song and that's a lot of memories of my best friend, the love of motorcycling, the freedom and best of all just riding freely like an eagle after the sun. I hope you like the song and feel the goosebumps moment at the end of the story.

How it all began!

When we were 15 years old, we were at loggerheads over a girl and we didn't even know each other before. It happened at a Kisch plantation party, where the situation was about to escalate. Until we discovered that we were two of four Malaguti moped drivers in our small town, from then on the girl was forgotten and an eternal friendship developed.

We experienced a lot together, worked on the mopeds together, then the first motorcycles , we both rode XT600s for many years. Then came the time in the MC and our tours became larger, we went to motorcycle meetings together and shared the tent, no one went home without the other, or even left at all, as was the case with a real male friendship in the past.

Our first big tours went to Norway

We have often been to central Norway because the country has always fascinated us. Often with other members of the club we regularly went north and went camping in nature.

That and nature connected us, we watched the sea eagles together on our lakes when they swooped out of the sun to hunt for ducks. We were traveling by canoe and doing everything. We were particularly impressed by these large, impressive sea eagles; they always gave us the feeling of limitless freedom.

Our biggest plan was always to drive to the North Cape with our XT's, we really had the tour fully planned out, everything where we wanted to go was recorded on the map. These included the Trollstiegen, the Geiranger Fjord, the Atlantic Road and the North Cape as a destination.

At that time he was a submarine builder at the HDW shipyard in Kiel; his father had already practiced this profession. It was clear that all the metal we had on our bikes in the form of holders etc. was made from the best U-boat steel.


Time is running and doesn't wait for us!

I was self-employed from an early age and so time slowly became scarce, I was always working and it never fit in with the vacation that we could go away for 3 weeks. Family, or just no time, something always happens! But we always stuck to our dream, we now had other motorcycles, he a Trude out of conviction and I a Harley, also out of conviction. No matter, for us it was always about riding motorcycles together, it doesn't matter what everyone rides, it's a living form of freedom.

Then in 2012 it happened, my buddy Lars suddenly fell over in front of his spinning at the shipyard and was dead, falls over and is gone. That was a shock for everyone, family, friends, everyone was done with the world. Far too young to die, not even 50.

You can imagine what was going on in my head, from then on I always said:

“Don’t put off your dreams!”

Volker Wolf

Now it was clear that at some point it had to start so that at least one of us was at the North Cape and could take the other with us in our thoughts. In 2017 the time had come, I was listening to my friend Hermann and at some point he found it quite exciting, although the rain and cold didn't particularly appeal to him, because there's actually nothing up there. Suddenly his brother Ernst wanted to come along, so there were three of us and it started after 5 months of planning.

And we did the tours, although I went off alone on my bucket list tour because we didn't have that much time and Hermann wanted to go to the Lofoten Islands , then we split up in Trondheim and I went back again because we suddenly had my trip route were over and that wasn't my plan. Then in the middle of the night I was at the Trollstiege, the Geiranger Fjord and I drove the Atalantic Road five times before I drove north again to meet up with my friends in Tromsö. From Tromsö we rode brilliantly again, I had definitely already completed my important stages and now the big goal was in front of us, the Nordkapp

And that was really indescribable, when the Nordic Sea appeared in front of me and we drove the last few kilometers along the sea towards North Cape, I started to tingle, an indescribable moment.

It was indescribable and then it happened, right above me a big old sea eagle appeared unusually close, it flew over me and accompanied me for a few kilometers at my height above the sea. It's hard to describe, it's so impressive when a sea eagle glides majestically over you and flies 20 meters next to you. Hermann and Ernst didn't even know what was wrong with me, they had no idea, for them it was an old bird flying with gaps in its feathers.

The sea eagle at the North Cape
The sea eagle at the North Cape

I was even able to take a few photos, after which I was completely exhausted, we reached the destination and camped near the North Cape, then we went back home via Finland and for a long time I couldn't believe what happened to me there.

I dedicate the song to my friend Lars Dibbern , I hope you like it and think of this story when you hear it, or miss a good friend yourself!



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