Harleysite Police Reports

Goch Asperden – Serious traffic accident. The motorcyclist and pillion passenger suffered fatal injuries

On Wednesday (June 29, 2022 ) at around 10:05 p.m., there was a serious traffic accident on Asperdener Straße (B 504). A 71-year-old car driver from Goch turned left in her Daimler Benz from a driveway to a property on Asperdener Straße onto the B 504 in the direction of Goch.

There was a collision with a 59-year-old motorcyclist from the Netherlands and his 62-year-old passenger from Goch, who were traveling in the direction of Kessel on a Harley Davidson. Both motorcyclists suffered fatal injuries in the accident.

The car driver and her 68-year-old passenger from Goch were seriously injured and taken to surrounding hospitals by RTW. A traffic accident investigation team from Düsseldorf was requested to record the accident. The B 504 had to be completely closed until 2:50 a.m. while the accident was being investigated.

The relatives of the deceased were looked after by police .

Kleve District Police Authority

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