Harley-Davidson Ruhrpott Meeting 2023

Harley-Davidson Ruhrpott Meeting 2023

On Sunday, August 6th, 2023, the Harley-Davidson Ruhrpott Meeting is on the program in the LWL Industrial Museum in Hattingen. This will be a one-day event in a class of its own and I really hope you'll be there if you're not too far away.

A day full of Harley spirit, cool flair and incredible motorcycle action awaits us. No matter whether you are an old hand in the biker business or have just discovered the taste of freedom and adventure on two wheels - we are all part of this unique Harley family, and we want to do that together again at a great Harley-Davidson event celebrate!

LWL-industry-museum-event area-Ruhrpott meeting
LWL-industry-museum-event area-Ruhrpott meeting

A lot is planned: If the weather isn't in our favor, the organizer has created additional rooms and made some preparations so that we can still have a nice biker Sunday.

This year the pedestrian entrance was moved to the main entrance of the LWL Industrial Museum. Parking spaces in the area surrounding the museum are available free of charge for cars and bikes. Tickets are available at the entrance to the event site.

Great trophies for the best bikes!

VL organizer Klaus Fröhlich and bike show Jimmy Nakamura
VL organizer Klaus Fröhlich and bike show Jimmy Nakamura

Indoor exhibitions such as the industrial exhibition in the blower hall on 1000 square meters, the show foundry and the special exhibitions “THE WALL” and “INDUSTRIEINSEKTEN”. As is the case at the Ruhrpott Meeting, entry to the Industrial Museum is already included in the event ticket.

The Henrichs restaurant, with around 200 indoor seats, will also open from 1 p.m. So no one has to get wet in a shower. The numerous exhibitors are coming as planned, the dealer mile offers everything a Harley heart desires: from brand new models to stylish biker clothing and accessories that make your bike even more unique. Good live music and the choice of the best bikes that will take part in the bike show will accompany us throughout the day and ensure a great atmosphere.

Thunderbike Harley Davidson

And now for the highlight: The Harley-Davidson Street Glide CVO!

The new Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide in palladium silver will be on display in the west of the Republic for the first time. There has been a lot of discussion about them in the last few weeks, now you can watch the Street Glide CVO live in Hattingen on August 6th, 2023.

The Harley-Davidson authorized dealers

Of course, the Harley-Davidson authorized dealers are an indispensable part of the Ruhrpott Meeting, including HD Motomaxx Bochum, HD Motomaxx Hagen, HD Thunderbike and HD Pfeiffer Kamen.

Schedule of the Ruhrpott Meeting 2023

Schedule - Ruhrpott Meeting 2023
Schedule – Ruhrpott Meeting 2023

In addition to the great bikes and the cool atmosphere, it's the conversations and the relaxed stroll through the aisles, the bikes and exhibitors. Make a note of Sunday, August 6th, 2023 and come to the Harley-Davidson Ruhrpott Meeting in Hattingen. If you don't know exactly where it's taking place, you can see the Google Maps below, which will take you directly to the party.

The venue: LWL Industrie Museum Hattingen

Werksstraße 31-33, 45527 Hattingen

Text: Harleysite Image credits: Ruhrpott Meeting, Harley-Davidson and Harleysite

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