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Police checks as part of a tuning event

Meinerzhagen 07/19/21:

A tuning event took place on Sunday at Meinerzhagen airfield. Police officers checked the access roads. The focus of the analysis was, on the one hand, on the visitors to the event and on the two-wheelers with regard to the technical conditions. At the same time, compliance with the permitted speed limit was monitored on Volmestrasse and Heerstrasse.

305 violations were identified. 25 of them were so serious that a report was required. In four cases with driving bans. A cyclist drove past on Heerstrasse at 129 at 70 km/h. A few minutes later again at 109 km/h in the opposite direction.

Police officers set up two checkpoints in the immediate area of ​​the tuning event. Conspicuous cars and almost all motorcycles were checked. A total of 25 violations of quality regulations had to be punished. An additional nine reports due to worn tires or massive, unauthorized modifications.


In one case, the rear silencers of an overly loud Harley-Davidson dismantled and secured. A small truck approached towards the end of the operation and was also checked. The desolate condition led to a demonstration at a testing organization. Here the vehicle was immediately taken out of circulation due to, among other things, the serious (brake) defects.

One event particularly stood out:

At around 11 a.m., a car driver (38) living in Meinerzhagen tried to evade control. He was caught and caught by a “motorcycle police officer”. A preliminary alcohol test showed 1.5 per mille in the breath. The evening before, the driver had “celebrated” the MPU (medical-psychological examination to regain his driving license after revocation) that he had passed just a few days ago. His provisional driving license was confiscated and a blood sample was taken. In the Meinerzhagen police station, he tried to escape from the premises before he was taken, but was prevented from doing so. (dill) Märkischer Kreis police authority

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