Harley-Davidson Custom Cruiser


WOW! Harley-Davidson took a look into the cards and showed a small film snippet of the custom cruiser.

Athletic genes

As you can see, it hits the road with the new Revolution-Max 1250 engine. I think Harley-Davidson's new ways are pretty intense, if you look at the technical data of the new engine, it's going to be a rocket on two wheels, at least by Harley-Davidson standards.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cOAx95gbKk&width=860&height=484&rel=0[/embedyt]

Does the brand actually radiate calm and serenity, is change Revolution Max The cruiser looks very compact and is equipped with a solo seat, which was just turned the other way from solo seat Street Bob 114

More of a power cruiser

Now let's take a look at the performance data of the Pan America : Power kW (HP)/rpm: 112 (152)/8,750 , Torque Nm/rpm: 128/6,750 . According to my information, it can reach a top speed of 220 km/h without a case.

The question is, why did they show the custom cruiser now?

The naked bike was originally planned for this spring, it hasn't really been canceled yet and according to current information it won't arrive until late. However, according to Harleysite information, the Bareknuckle is already in the pipeline and would perhaps emerge from the underground in the summer.

Next question, is the naked bike the Bareknuckle? If so, we are in for a surprise. The new frame and motor construction of the Revolution-Max Motor is a flexible modular design and would allow for quick movements.

Harley-Davidson Bareknuckle Prototype

In any case, the new Revolution-Max has begun a new Harley-Davidson era. After the demise of the Sportster something had to happen, I can only imagine that more models from the Revolution-Max series with the Custom Cruiser and the Bareknuckle will be launched in the short term so that the Harley-Davidson authorized dealers can fill the Sportster gap .

But the fact is, the Revolution series is in no way the Sportster successor! Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything about the real Sportster successor yet, but it will come, the only question is when!

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