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Is the end of the Harley-Davidson Softail now coming?

I noticed that Harley-Davidson removed the Softail name from their model descriptions. Softail has now Cruiser , just as the name of the Touring models was changed Grand American Touring The Sportster area is changing to Sport, and a new name seems to be taking place here. I'm curious to see how this is received in the community.

Google has already adopted this change.

Harley-Davidson Google Search 2022
Harley-Davidson Google Search 2022

Changes on the official Harley-Davidson website

On the official Harley-Davidson we also see the removal of the name “Softail”. It is also clear that the Sportster is now becoming Sport and the Touring models are now called Grand America Touring.

It is obvious that the legendary Sportster is dead, even if people are still harping on the traditional name, the new Sportster S nothing to do with the legendary Sportster apart from the name. Maybe they should have started here earlier, the Sportster S is in its very own and really sporty class. It's not bad, but it's significantly different.

Is the end of the Harley-Davidson Softail now coming? 1
Is the end of the Harley-Davidson Softail now coming? 38

All that's left is the Softail Standard, which I can now see on the red list because of its name.

Harley-Davidson wants to become sportier, that's a real theme at Harley-Davidson and that's what makes the announcement “Faster. Further." already clear. Now the question is whether current customers want that too, because basically Harley-Davidson has never really been known for “fast.” been associated.

The world premiere on January 26, 2022 will certainly bring us a little closer to the new ways of Harley-Davidson!

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  1. All the more surprising since “Sportster” and “Softail” are their own registered trademarks, which will not work with “Sport” and “Cruiser”.

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