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SAARBRÜCKEN Harley-Davidson Saarland (October 26, 2021) - When something larger floods or burns down somewhere in the world, it is always often mentioned as a unit of measurement, but Saarland has a lot more to offer: expressive industrial monuments, for example, hilly forest landscapes with wonderful Curves and non-slip asphalt and of course the proximity to the savoir-vivre of the French Grand Est region.

Reasons enough for two well-known faces in the Harley scene – Pascal Vergnaud, owner of Harley-Davidson Rhein-Neckar, and Matthias Meier , owner of the Harley Factory Group – to join forces to create Harley-Davidson Saarland. Of course, where the heart of Germany's smallest country beats: in Saarbrücken.

Renovated historical industrial architecture in the north of the Saarbrücken district of Burbach acts as a home base. In a characterful Wilhelminian style building in Halls 20-22, where Harley-Davidson Saarbrücken was based until the end of June 2021, alongside the two managing directors, seven employees with many years of Harley experience take care of customer requests.

Used Harley-Davidson with “Originals” seal

From cool T-shirts to befitting motorcycle clothing and high-quality original accessories to new Harleys and used machines with a 99-point check and “Originals” seal, they offer everything that fans of the US brand could desire. For those who prefer to pedal themselves but want to have electrical support, there are also Serial 1 e-bikes.

Around half of the new Harley dealership, which is around 1,000 square meters in size, is taken up by the extensively equipped workshop, where, in addition to maintenance and service work, complex conversions are carried out according to customer requirements. The range of services also includes winter storage as well as the collection and delivery service for workshop work. “We use the many years of experience of Harley-Davidson Rhein-Neckar in the tuning area and that of the Harley Factory in the area of ​​customizing and classic cars,” explains Matthias Meier.

Grand Opening on November 20, 2021

Even though the company gates are already open, the opening must of course be celebrated appropriately - with a grand opening on November 20th. “It will be a Harley-Davidson-style party ,” promises Pascal Vergnaud. “We warmly invite all American Irons fans to join us.”

Also included is a very special treat for collectors: the last available Electra Glide Revival, a strictly limited Harley-Davidson special model in the style of the 1969 Electra Glide.

It will be auctioned off, with Matthias Meier and Pascal Vergnaud donating every euro raised above the list price to charitable purposes. You can bid until the Grand Opening on November 20th - just call (+49 (0)681 959490) or send an email to info@hd-saarland.de.

If you want to get to know Matthias, Pascal and their team, visit them in person in the west of Saarbrücken or look online at https://hd-saarland.de .

Text and image credits: Harley-Davidson Saarland / Harley-Davidson / via Sassenbach


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