Harley-Davidson 2024-Vivid Black-Billiard Gray

Harley Davidson 2024 | Billiard Gray is now the new black

In 2024, Harley-Davidson implementing a striking new pricing strategy that represents a significant change in the brand's heritage. One of the most noticeable changes is the pricing of the motorcycle .

Until now, “ Vivid Black ”, a classic and the preferred color among bikers, was considered the standard color at no extra charge. In 2024, however, a surcharge of 595 euros will be charged for this popular color, such as the very popular Sport Glide , as can currently be seen on the Harley-Davidson .

Sport Glide 2024 Billiard Gray
Sport Glide 2024 Billiard Gray
Sport Glide 2024 Billiard Gray
Sport Glide 2024 Vivid Black
Sport Glide 2024 Vivid Black
Sport Glide 2024 in Vivid Black & Billiard Gray

Realignment of pricing policy at Harley-Davidson with a focus on Vivid Black

This strategic decision signals a significant change in Harley-Davidson's pricing policy. Introducing a surcharge for “Vivid Black” could be seen as an attempt to generate additional revenue or underline the exclusivity of this color option. It is also conceivable that this change is part of a larger strategy across the portfolio.

This development can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the absence of Harley-Davidson models in the top 50 new motorcycle registrations has a direct impact on sales and the brand's visibility in the market. This could have led to uncertainty for the manufacturer regarding future sales figures and general market positioning, for which the excessively high prices at the beginning of 2023 could be blamed.

Second, Harley-Davidson's new pricing and color strategy, which includes pricing popular colors like Vivid Black and introducing Billiard Gray as the standard color, could well cause some confusion.

In 2023, the Sport Glide in Vivid Black last cost 20,995 euros ex works, and the previously known price for 2024 is 19,995 euros for the Sport Glide in Billiard Gray and 20,590 euros ex works. This means that it is currently 405 euros cheaper than in December 2023.

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Realignment at Harley-Davidson: 'Billiard Gray' sets new standards in color design

At the same time, “Billiard Gray” is introduced as the new standard black. This change could be aimed at updating the color palette and giving the brand a fresh, contemporary image. The choice of “Billiard Gray” as the standard color could also indicate that Harley-Davidson is trying to move away from traditional designs and bring more innovative and modern styles to the market.

These new pricing and color choices show that Harley-Davidson is willing to take risks and break away from established norms. For long-time fans and new customers alike, it will be exciting to see how these changes impact the brand's perception and sales in 2024.

New color categories!

Base color | Vivid Black | Premium Color | Premium Plus Color

Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson 2024
Street Bob 114 in Blue Burst model year 2024

As we can see particularly clearly from the example of the Street Bob 114 in the 2024 model year, Harley-Davidson has created new color categories. The basic color, as it is called in the first category, is also in this case Billiard Gray and is currently delivered ex works with a starting price of €17,495. Vivid Black remains in a class of its own and now comes with a surcharge of +595 euros. It seems like Harley-Davidson hasn't found another name for this category.

There is then Baja Orange as a 'premium color ' for an additional charge of 595 euros, followed by Blue Burst, which is assigned to premium plus color The exact differences between ' Premium Paint ' and ' Premium Plus Paint ' are still unclear as the prices are identical, but I'm in the process of finding out more about them.

Decorating options with no options?

Harley-Davidson 2024 Road Glide Limited in Billiard Gray
Harley-Davidson 2024 Road Glide Limited in Billiard Gray

two-tone still appears in the tourer class , and 'premium color' to be found on these Harley-Davidson models. Another mystery is the 'trim options' , which don't seem to cost any extra, but what are these options? You would have thought that it was about the black finish, but what is the option if you don't show it at all, I only see black finish? I'm curious to see whether more information will come in, so far they've consistently saved on images and the necessary detailed information.

Price comparison! Road Glide Limited 2023 and 2024

Something went wrong that Harley-Davidson adjusted the prices again, here is a comparison to the price list from January 2023, compared to January 2024 with the example of the Road Glide Limited in the Black Finish version at work.

model yearBase colorVivid BlackColorTwo-tone
Model year 202334,525 euros34,525 euros34,955 euros35,555 euros
Model year 202433,695 euros (-830€)34,290 euros (-235€)34,290 euros (-665€)34,885 euros (-670€)
Information provided without guarantee

It is clear that prices have fallen. This could be a positive signal for 2024 if the manufacturer tries to focus more on customer requirements!

I will let you know as soon as the new colors are available from retailers. I am currently assuming that the Carry Over models will arrive at authorized dealers towards the end of January.

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