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Harley-Davidson Sportster S


The new Sportster generation combines high performance with the latest technology

NEW INESBURG (July 13, 2021) - With the Sportster , Harley-Davidson presents a brand new factory custom bike with inspiring performance and at the same time ushers in the latest chapter in the Sportster history - with powerful performance on country roads and the latest technology for more safety and driving fun. The new Revolution Max 1250T V2 engine with 122 hp gives the Sportster S a particularly powerful acceleration from low revs. A firm, lightweight chassis and high-quality spring elements ensure high agility and intuitive driving behavior. From traffic light to traffic light and from one curve to the next, the new Sportster S offers the driver exactly the thrill that has always characterized the Sportster model family. At the same time, it sets new standards for this most traditional of all Harley-Davidson series.

The first examples of the Sportster S will arrive at Harley-Davidson dealers in autumn 2021 and will be offered at recommended retail prices starting at 15,495 euros in Germany and 18,595 euros in Austria.

Sportster S presentation from Harley-Davidson

“The Sportster S is the next completely new development, building on the Revolution Max platform and setting new performance standards for the Sportster series,” commented Jochen Zeitz , Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “This is a next-generation Sportster defined by power, performance, technology and style. And it is part of our commitment motorcycles that correspond to our strategy: They are intended to increase desirability and continue the tradition of Harley-Davidson.”

Harley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution® Max 1250T V-TwinHarley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution® Max 1250T V-Twin
Harley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution® Max 1250T V-TwinHarley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution® Max 1250T V-Twin


In profile, the new Sportster S appears flat and powerful. The tank and rear form a visual frame for the engine as the heart of the machine. The massive front tire evokes associations with the no-frills front ends of classic bobbers, while the rear, with a raised exhaust and a slim solo seat, is reminiscent of the legendary Harley-Davidson flat track racer XR750. A powerful upside-down fork at the front and the wide tires at the rear provide references to high-performance sports bikes.

“Every visual design element of the Sportster S is an expression of power,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson vice president of styling and design. “This motorcycle is a wolf in wolf’s clothing.”

The drivetrain is trimmed with lightweight magnesium engine covers with a Chocolate Satin finish. Textures, colors, surfaces and details give the Sportster S the look of an individually built show bike.


The heart of the new Sportster S is the Revolution Max 1250T engine with a displacement of 1,252 cubic centimeters. The latest version of the latest liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson V2 is tuned for high torque in the lower speed range and a flat torque curve across the entire usable speed range. The power development allows powerful acceleration and powerful pulling power. At the same time, Harley is once again relying on the engine as a load-bearing chassis component to save weight. In addition, lightweight materials contribute to the good power-to-weight ratio. When ready to drive, the Sportster S only weighs 228 kilograms. The raised 2-into-1-into-2 exhaust system ensures a pleasantly sonorous sound.

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Harley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution Max Engine 16
Harley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution Max engine

State-of-the-art technology for safety and driving pleasure

The new Sportster S brings the entire spectrum of modern technology to the table for a safe and intense driving experience that is state-of-the-art. Three pre-programmed driving modes (Sport, Road and Rain) electronically determine both the performance characteristics of the engine and the intensity of the driver assistance systems. With two freely programmable modes, the driver can tailor the driving experience even more specifically to his or her personal preferences or specific situations. The “Harley-Davidson Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements”, a package of electronic assistance systems to provide support in difficult road conditions and dangerous situations, adapts the power output and driving dynamics to the available grip when accelerating, coasting and braking - both when driving straight ahead in curves.

A round, four-inch TFT display as the main instrument is used to display all driving information as well as - in conjunction with a helmet headset - the infotainment from the driver's Bluetooth-compatible mobile device. With the free Harley-Davidson app, the driver always has music, navigation and hands-free functions under control. The vehicle lighting, which uses LED technology entirely, includes a Daymaker signature LED headlight for bright, homogeneous illumination of the road without annoying hotspots. In its striking oval capsule, the headlight also forms an unmistakable design element on the front of the vehicle, which allows other motorcyclists and road users to recognize the Sportster S at first glance.

landing gear

Since the drivetrain of the new Sportster S is designed as a load-bearing element, it eliminates the need for a classic frame. This saves weight and at the same time results in a very torsion-resistant chassis - crucial for precise handling. The welded tubular steel swing arm with an upper and a lower pulley additionally stiffens the chassis and, with its unique look, forms another unmistakable design feature.

The front and rear wheels of the new Sportster S are guided by fully adjustable spring elements: at the front there is a Showa upside-down fork with a dip tube diameter of 43 millimeters, at the rear there is a Showa central spring strut with an integrated compensation reservoir. The spring preload can be conveniently adjusted hydraulically at the rear using a rotary control on the left side of the vehicle.

John Doe

Harley-Davidson Sportster S Revolution Max hydraulics
Harley-Davidson Sportster S adjustable spring preload

Cast alloy wheels in a five-twin-spoke design wear wide Dunlop/Harley-Davidson GT503 tires. The high-quality Brembo brake system is characterized by powerful and perfectly controllable deceleration. The front single disc with a diameter of 320 millimeters is acted upon by a radially screwed Brembo monoblock fixed caliper with four pistons. A two-piston brake caliper from Brembo is used on the rear wheel on a 260 millimeter brake disc.

A footrest system located at the front and a flat handlebar ensure a committed seating position on the Sportster S. With an unloaded seat height of 755 millimeters, almost every rider has secure contact with the ground when standing. Brake and clutch levers are adjustable. From the factory, the wiring harness of the Sportster S has connections for optional heated grips and separately available heated driving clothing as well as a USB-C charging port. An air temperature sensor issues a cold warning on the display if there is possible ice. A cruise control system and a security system with immobilizer are also standard. The steel tank has a volume of 11.8 liters.

Paint Colors: Vivid Black; Stone Washed White Pearl; Midnight Crimson


Already at market launch, Harley-Davidson is offering interesting accessories for the Sportster S through its “Genuine Motor Accessories” program, including:

Wild One driver footrests_50502020
Wild One driver footrests 50502020
  • Centrally located footrest system

Moves the footrests and levers from the factory forward position further back to the center of the vehicle. This ensures a sportier seating position and can also be suitable for drivers who cannot comfortably reach the standard pegs.

  • Passenger seat

The passenger seat, passenger footrests and a backrest for the passenger are each available separately. The seat and backrest cushions have the same design as the driver's seat.

  • “Sundowner” solo seat

This seat is characterized by a deeper seat recess and a cover with a decorative motif. Extra-strong comfort foam padding guarantees maximum seating comfort on long journeys.

Harley-Davidson Hamburg North

Sundowner seat Sportster S 52000510
Sundowner seat Sportster S 52000510
  • Flat removable windshield

With its black bracket and matching screws, the tinted windshield perfectly into the styling of the new Sportster S. Thanks to practical quick-release fasteners, the Sportster S can be driven with or without a windshield as you wish.

Windshield Sportster s 57400459
Windshield Sportster s 57400459
  • Tail bag

The tail bag, specially developed for the Sportster S, offers a convenient way to carry important items with you on the go. It is recommended to install the tailbag on the accessory passenger seat, sold separately. Its volume can be increased from 8.2 to 11.5 liters and the maximum payload is 2.5 kilograms.

Further information about the new Harley-Davidson Sportster S can be found at www.harley-davidson.com.

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