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Street Bob,


The Harley-Davidson Street Bob from the Softail series is one of the most popular Harley-Davidson models in Germany. It is consistently found among the TOP 20 new registrations and it always holds the lead in the Harley-Davidson popularity scale. What is so special about her that can explain her success?


First of all, its price, it is currently priced at 14,495 euros plus additional costs (as of May 2020). In the Softail class, the Harley-Davidson Street Bob only undercut the slimmed-down Softail Standard version by around €1,100.

These courses are a great way to get into the big Harley-Davidson world with both models. You simply like it and with the high handlebars you are completely in the wind and get that absolute biker feeling, plus good value retention actually explains everything.

What's new in the 2020 Softail model range

From 2020, all new Softail models will feature a radiator frame made of a special composite material. However, I don't think the radiator frame purchase is crucial if you want to decide between a 2019 and 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Bob . There's nothing else new to report, it already has everything you need and primarily it scores points with its Easyrider style, nothing has changed in that regard.

Cornering position of the Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2020
Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2020

Or should we say Easyrider Single Style, because it is not on or prepared for a pillion. The Street Bob has a single saddle and accordingly there are no footrests for the passenger. That could be retrofitted, but you can see that Harley-Davidson is obviously oriented towards two possible trends: firstly, to generate the lowest possible entry price and secondly, always ride More bikers ride motorcycles together with their partner, not with a pillion, but today the partner often rides himself. And so it becomes a shoe that fits.


Its standard equipment includes all relevant features, ABS braking system, immobilizer, hazard warning lights, range indicator, front and rear perforated disc brakes, LED headlights, keyless ignition, easily accessible connection for battery charging (winter) and what is also important these days, it has a USB -Connection for the power supply from the cell phone or for an external navigation device.

The first impression and the colors

It is inherently beautiful, the color selection has something for every taste and as we all know, black always works. The colors for the 2020 model year are in order: Vivid Black, Spruce, River Rock Gray, Billiard Red & Vivid Black and Barracuda Silver Denim.

In the spring I drove it in Spain, where the Street Bob had to face the demands of the notoriously winding streets of Malaga. In this respect, Spain is really a dream, many roads seem to have been built specifically for motorcyclists, who have rarely had such fun.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob
Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Moving the footrests forward would be one measure

However, I immediately found something that I would change immediately! With my 1.83m I sit like a rabbit about to jump on the Street Bob. The first step would be to install a nice forward footrest system, that suits the Street Bob better anyway and is not only visually nicer. You have to invest around 800 euros for this and then everything will fit, at least if you are a little taller.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2020 side view
Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2020

The saddle isn't particularly comfortable, I'm not at all happy with it, although I've found that Harley-Davidson generally uses good saddles, but the standard saddle on the Street Bob didn't really convince me.

Street Bob 2020 in the color BARRACUDA SILVER DENIM side view
Street Bob 2020 in the color BARRACUDA SILVER DENIM

Of course, Harley-Davidson has alternatives to choose from, you can find the link to the accessories below. A saddle can also be nice, if you want to customize something, you should start with the saddle. Everything doesn't always have to be rebuilt straight away, the Street Bob would definitely be worth it and ideas come enough on their own.

But that's about it, what struck me negatively. You have to say that if you're smaller and weigh 50 kilos less, you'll experience it completely differently.

Street Bob 2020 handlebars and instruments
Street Bob 2020 APE handlebars and digital instruments

The Street Bob has a digital speedometer, the information provided is easy to read even in the sun, and in the dark without causing any glare. The information system has all relevant information on board, range, fuel gauge, total kilometers, stage kilometers and more, which can be displayed alternately using a switch on the handlebar controls.

Perfect handling and an agile engine

Everything else fits and its real advantages are the easy handling, which is facilitated by the normal tire size of 100/90 B19 inches (2.1 bar) at the front and 150/80 B16 inches (2.8 bar) at the rear. She can be pulled through the curves very well, you don't notice her 297 kilos. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine has enough power to push you out of corners.

With a torque of 145 Nm at 3000 rpm, it seems really light on its feet. I think it's self-explanatory even for a technical layman when a Harley is equipped with an almost 1.8 liter engine. The 107 is known for its agility, as well as being economical and powerful.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob chassis
Harley-Davidson Street Bob chassis

The chassis of the Street Bob

It has this old school rigid frame look and a central spring strut installed. Access to adjusting the suspension can be found under the saddle; with a suitable tool wrench, the strength of the shock absorber can be easily and quickly individually adjusted. She's really into it when cornering quickly and cruising is particularly good with her.


Anyone who has driven through the curves with the Bobber Style and APE handlebars will find that they really put you in a good mood. It's best to try it out yourself; test drives at the dealer should be possible again. Except for the short footrests and the saddle, it shined throughout, but as already mentioned, it depends on the rider. Among the various Harley-Davidson model series, it stands out for its very good price-performance ratio. Its bobber style is timeless and it offers a lot of driving fun. Ultimately, it confirms itself through its top position in the Harley rankings in terms of registrations, and rightly so.

  • Street Bob (FXBB)
  • Milwaukee-Eight 107 1745 cm3
  • 1745 cm3 64 kW (87 HP) / 145 Nm
  • Six-speed gearbox

Ext. web link to the Street Bob parts list at Harley-Davidson
Ext. web link to Street Bob at Harley-Davidson

Text: Harleysite , Image credits: Copyright Harley-Davidson and Harleysite

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